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    Duomax III

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    Technical informations

    DUOMAX - an innovative and multifunctional machine that was created for the production of many types of cakes. The device can create stuffed, two-colored products of various forms, sizes and textures. The machine is equipped with two containers for dough (in two colors) or for dough and filling. DUOMAX can work with meringue, gingerbread, shortbread, coconut or sponge cake. With the help of the device, delicious eclairs, meringues, gingerbreads with filling and one- and two-colored cookies with filling are created.

    DUOMAX is a multifunctional device. She's great at work alone, dispensing confectionery directly onto baking trays. It is equipped with an automatic feeder with sheet metal magazine. The trays are moved to the dosing head using special chains. As a result, only one person can be involved in operating DUOMAX. The operator's task is to add sheets to the magazine and collect them together with measured products at the machine's exit. The machine also has a two-column table lifting system based on eccentrics. The height of the countertop is subject to digital adjustment.

    Control over the work of DUOMAX is facilitated by a modern and multilingual touch panel. The device is enriched with special software that allows you to enter your own recipes and save and configure settings. Thanks to the constant WiFi connection with the HASBORG service, professionals can make diagnostics or changes to the settings of the machine without having to travel to the customer. High quality AlSl 304 stainless steel was used to make DUOMAX. The device works without fail, efficiently and energy-savingly. TRIOMAX is a direct development for DUOMAX - the apparatus is equipped with three tanks: two for dough and one for decoration or filling

    Automatic tray feeder with a cartridge. The trays are being transported using the chains, not the belts, as they tend to wear off more frequently. One should put 13 trays into the cartridge, and the machine will start using them automatically.

    Slat for pea and straw puff

    „Wire-cut” option

    "Shutter" option

    "Guillotine" option