Two color wire-cut cookies

Two color shortbread cookies in various flavors and colors are produced by our depositors equipped with wire-cut optional device that extrudes the dough through a pre-formed moulds then cut the cookie to the desired thickness with a wire.

Product description

This option is great for customers who use harder dough in production process and want to make unique, even complicated shapes of products like chess, hearts or animals.

For our machines we offer variety of forms and nozzles but also can provide customized projects according to clients expectations.

This biscuit can also covered with chocolate and top decorated with various sprinkles, such as: nuts, coconut, poppy seeds, sesame, sugar, etc.

Depending on the capacity, wire-cut products can be manufacture on below machines like:

For bigger capacities (500 – 1000 kg/h) we propose to use industrial type machines (forming lines) that work with tunnel ovens.