Two color cream biscuit

It’s another example of shortbread product based on 3-2-1 recipe stuffed with cream or fruit filling.

Product description

This long, 2 color product is made by the guillotine option where long biscuits are cut with a pneumatic knife. The length of product is set on the operator panel of the forming machine. The top of it can be patterned or additionally customized according to client’s need.

This biscuit can be also covered with chocolate and top decorated with various sprinkles, such as: nuts, coconut, poppy seeds, sesame, sugar, etc.

Depending on the capacity, this product can be manufacture on stationary (single) depositors like:

For bigger capacities (500 – 1000 kg/h) we propose to use industrial type machines (forming lines) that work directly with tunnel ovens.

Dedicated machines for product production