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    The main element of the machine is a conveyor that feeds the product under the spray head with a system of spinning discs

    Liquid food coating, e.g. water, liqueur, egg mixture and other liquids go from the main container to the spray disks under the pressure generated by the diaphragm pump. The spinning discs at high speed throw the emulsion directly onto the product, covering it with a very thin, uniform layer of sprayed liquid. The excess emulsion is recirculated and reused in the coating process.




    1. Easy to disassemble conveyor belt – simple and quick cleaning / sanitation
    2. Spinning disc that spray the coatings
    3. A removable mesh filter separating the emulsion from product crumbs


    Our spraying device works with decoration unit - sprinkler

    A device designed to decorate confectionery products with fine sprinkles, e.g. sugar, poppy seeds, coconut, sesame, etc.

    The sprinkling head integrated with the tank for sprinkles is equipped with an adjustment that allows for appropriate dosing of the topping, thanks to which it is possible to obtain a layer of the required thickness.

    The sprinkles that have not been used in the process goes to the bottom conveyor and from there it is discharged into the container.