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    Curve conveyor

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    Technical informations

    The curve conveyor is often used wherever, due to space constraints, it is not possible to run a production line in a straight line. Two 90 degree conveyors are often combined together to change  the direction of products of 180 degrees and run them parallel to the tunnel oven.

    These conveyors ensure a continuous and very stable products transport regardless of their shape. HASBORG offers a wide range of curved conveyors with polyurethane or PVC belts.

    The conveyor is equipped with conical rollers which ensure proper arrangement of products and quiet operation at high speed. This version of curved conveyors is known to our customers as a solution with a reliable, efficient, solid and durable construction. They meet strict technical requirements.

    1. The conical driving rollers
    2. Bearing-mounted rollers for even tape guidance


    - Belt driven by conical rollers and guided by rolling bearings
    - Working angle 20º - 180º - belt width from 400mm to 1200mm
    - Maximum weight of products on the belt - up to 80kg
    - Maximum speed up to 80m/min - tension adjustment +/- 50mm
    - Bearing-mounted belt guide rollers