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    This machine allows to cover tops, bottoms and complete coating of entire product. It is equipped with the function of "blowing" system to remove chocolate excess from the top of product and the function of the mesh conveyor vibration (shaking system). Optionally, it has a highly advanced decorator module type ZIG-ZAG, giving a wide range of possibilities for decorating products.

    The machine can be equipped with the function of vibrating the transport net. The removable container  easily allows you to change the type of coating substance.

    The CREALINE coating machine can cooperate with melting units and systems for automatic feeding of melted substance into the container of the coating machine. It also works directly with CREALINE cooling tunnels. 



    - LUXOR is adapted to work with glaze or coatings similar to chocolate
    - it is possible to work with natural (100% real) chocolate but it requires additional equipment
    - enrober allows to cover tops, bottoms and complete coating
    - container for chocolate is surrounded by the water coat in order to maintain appropriate temperature of chocolate
    - easy to use control panel
    - chocolate feeding pump with double jacketed
    - double jacketed pump delivering chocolate
    - smooth regulation of the net drive
    - adjuster of chocolate’s temperaturę
    - ventilator which removes excess of chocolate with regulation of the airflow power