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    A proper coating of confectionery products requires initial  lubrication with a liquid that increases the adhesion.  This process takes place in the first section of the device through a system of movable rollers that ensure proper moistening of the product surface. The moisturizing fluid is replenished periodically in the tank and fed to the product through a system of rollers. Then the product passes under the sprinkling head integrated with the sprinkling tank. The adjustable system allows for appropriate dosing of the sprinkle on the product in the way that the layer of the required thickness is obtained.

    The device is equipped with the main belt conveyor located in the first (lubricating) section and mesh conveyor installed in the second section (under the dosing head). From the second conveyor, the product is finally transferred to the tunnel oven belt or to another conveyor. The sprinkles that has not been used in the process goes to the bottom conveyor and from there it is discharged into the container. This conveyor can be optionally replaced with a manual collection system.

    This device can work independently or as part of a production line. It is most often used to cover the product with sprinkles before baking. Sprinkler is equipped with independent and  intuitive control panel 

    1. Control panel
    2. Dosing head with container for sprinkles 
    3. Level adjustment of technological liquid 
    4. Container for technological liquid 
    5. Container for sprinkles excess 
    6. Conveyor – automatic or manual collection of sprinkles excess